In remembrance of HRH Prince Philip


This work is dedicated in memory to HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh. This concert piece for wind orchestra reflects on the contrasts between the person 'Philip', a loving husband and father, as opposed to the 'Prince' who has dedicated his life to the service of the nation and its people. 

The opening theme is followed by a calm middle section, representing the 'Coyles of Quick'. A lovely duet of oboe and flute describes the rare and calm moments in rural Scotland - a time in which the royal family would find retreat from the busy life as Royals.

These calm impressions are quickly developing into a Royal theme, majestic in tis nature, featuring one at first, and then a whole section of bagpipes, finally culminating in an energetic and touching hymn: 'The Duke of Edinburgh'.

Joining forces

'German Winds' and Music Director Sven M. Hellinghausen are excited to have partnered with an Ensemble in Scotland:

'The King's Philharmonic Wind Orchestra' and conductor Tobias Patrick Wolf are embarking on an exciting journey, promoting music as an universal language, crossing barriers and borders to build bridges between musicians in both the United Kingdom and Germany. 

Following their Scotland and Borders Tour which saw concerts in a number of Scottish and English venues, both ensembles are now excited to join forces for tours in a number of European countries in the coming seasons.

The conductors of either ensemble have taken on the role as Principal Guest Conductor of the other ensemble, respectively.

Video "The Duke of Edinburgh"

For the recording of the video, musicians across Europe have participated, contributing with their musical skills to a remarkable and unique collaborative performance


Denis Garnier (Trombone)
Glen Hogg (Trumpets)
Nina Kickertz (Oboe)
Stefan Kickertz (Drums)                                                                   
Alexandra Mies (Flutes)
Holger Mück (Trumpets).                                         
Carmen Radermacher (Clarinet)
Daniel Ridder (Tuba, Trombone, Baritone)                            Daniel Ridder on Facebook
Walter Rimbrecht (Trumpets)
Isabelle Roelofs (Horn).                                                                Isabelle Roelofs on Instagram
Markus Rose (Trumpets)
Werner Schönau (Clarinet)
Florian Sparer (Snare)
Thomas Wandt (Pipes)                                                                               

A big thank you to all participating musicians for their great work. I wish all orchestras and their listeners a lot of joy whenever this piece will be performed in honor of HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh.