Kane McLean

Pieces for Windband


A passionate appeal to love, with stormy and romantic elements. Written for the city of Heraklion (Greece) / Windband. Free parts and Score:


Canticle of the sun

The Canticle of the Sun  is a prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi. Arranged for Windband and pipe, the composition tries to make the words of St. Francis musically audible and thus perceptible.



The Duke of Edinburgh

Dedicated to HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh.

Recorded by musicians from all over Europe in Mai 2021.


Alnwick Castle

Dedicated to The Duke of Northumberland and Alnwick Playhouse Concert Band 2019.

Premiere 2019 in Newcastle Cathedral with German Winds (MD Sven Hellinghausen) and Alnwick Playhouse Concert Band (MD Andy Taylor). Guest German Consul Manuela Wendler.

Presented to the Duke 2019 in Alnwick castle and played in The Great Hall of Alnwick castle by German Winds.

Ave Maria - Hail Mary 

A musical meditation for Virgin Mary with a beautiful horn solo.

Felton Memories 

dedicated to Coquet Concert Band and MD Andy Taylor with a beautiful Sax-Solo.

Premiere 2019 by Coquet Concert Band (MD Andy Taylor)

The Royal Mile 

dedicated to the City of Edinburgh. Premiere 2019 with Edinburgh Concert Band (MD Sarah Cunningham) and German Winds (MD Sven Hellinghausen) and presented to the Lord Provost of Edinburgh, Frank Ross and the German General Consul, Barbara Quick.


Piano Pieces



dedicated to a friend, who had to go too early